The year 1940

British Pathe’s Review of the Year for 1940

A British Pathe report entitled “Activities at a Bomber Station” Although not filmed at Watton the scenes were mirrored here.

A little music from this year . . .

It’s All In a Day’s Work. A difficult job removing wounded aircrew for Harry Osbourne 

When on 10th May 1940, Hitler’s troops crossed the Maginot Line into Belgium, it brought them into confrontation with the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) who were rushed up from France.…

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Don ‘Mac’ McFarlane and R3821

Don “Mac” McFarlane, an Observer on 82 Squadron flew in R3821 on a number of occasions prior to 13th August 1940 and was scheduled to fly on the 13th August.…

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My Arrival At RAF Watton By Frank Harbord 

Frank was posted to Watton as one of the crews to replace the eleven lost on the 17th May 1940 on a raid to Gembloux in Belgium. His time in…

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