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Gallery: Winter 1947 Digging out the train

Gallery: Winter 1947 Digging out the train

The snowfall that hit the country in early 1947 was some of the worst on record. These pictures show efforts being made to dig out the “Crab & Winkle” train which ran to Watton from Thetford and beyond. The train was the town’s and the RAF’s main line of communication for bringing in heavy goods.

Peter Long’s brief history of Watton – 1947

January, February and early March of 1947 saw very heavy snowfalls all over the country and Norfolk was very badly hit (see this page for pictures). The CSE was required to remain open and operational if at all possible. To ease the fuel situation, some non-essential personnel were sent on compulsory leave. At the beginning of March in the height of the bad weather, the Naval Air Radio Warfare Unit moved to CSE Watton and was numbered as 751 Naval […]