The year 1952

A.K.C. Review Of The Year 1952
RAF Donkey – Swanton Morley

A little music from the time . . .

Here In My Heart – Al Martino
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus – Jimmy Boyd
Vera Lynn – Auf Wiederseh’n Sweetheart


192 Squadron Washingtons by Dave Forster 

WZ966 on the ground at RAF Watton

192 Squadron acquired three RB-29As as replacements for its three Lincolns in the first half of 1952. The first two aircraft (WZ966, WZ967) arrived at Watton in April and were joined by the third (WZ968) in June. Work then got underway at the CSE to develop an Elint fit for the aircraft. The modifications, carried out by the CSE, involved the removal of all gun turrets and bombing equipment; fairing over of the rear observation blisters; the conversion of the […]

Central Signals 90 Group life in 1950 – 1952  By Roy Bending 

I was at RAF Watton Central Signals 90 Group, arriving about October 1950, having completed technical training at RAF St Athan. The conscription period had been increased from eighteen months to two years and this created a problem due to the sheer volume of numbers on the base because bods were not being demobbed until their two years National Service had been completed. The outcome of this was that we were put into temporary accommodation at Watton Green, in huts […]

Dev. Sqdn B flight – Groundcrew for Lincoln B2’s Joe Hemmings

Dev. Sqdn B flight – Groundcrew for Lincoln B2’s Joe Hemmings

3134186 AC2 Hemmings – Joe to his mates of the time, and nicknamed ‘Josh’  Hi guys – I’ll do my best to remember this all accurately but I’m now 73 (Winter 2006) and memory is not so good any more. But discovering this wonderful R.A.F. Watton website has jogged a lot of it back – so as it comes . . . My memory does not seem to tally with that of others but there was a great variety of […]

Flying on 527 Squadron – Early 1950’s by Ralph Swift

All Material on this page is Copyright © Ralph Swift 2003  It is probably true to say that the jet aircraft design of the early 1950’s was still partly rooted in the piston engine era. We were still only about ten years into the jet age and the aircraft we were flying were designed and tested in the immediate war time and early post war years and carried with them all the trappings of a learning experience. The instrumentation and […]

Peter Long’s brief history of Watton – 1952

The year began with a change of Command when Air Commodore G.H.Randle took over from Air Commodore Jones as Commandant CSE. The remaining GCA units on Watton, Controller and Operator training and GCA Squadron left the Station and 90 Group in March. 192 Squadron began receiving replacements for their Avro Lincoln aircraft in late April when the first two of four Boeing RB29 Washington aircraft WZ966(55) and WZ967(57) arrived at Watton to carry on the signals intelligence gathering task. In […]