The year 1953

A little music from the time . . .


192 Squadron Washingtons by Dave Forster 

192 Squadron acquired three RB-29As as replacements for its three Lincolns in the first half of 1952. The first two aircraft (WZ966, WZ967) arrived at Watton in April and were…

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Dev. Sqdn B flight – Groundcrew for Lincoln B2’s Joe Hemmings

3134186 AC2 Hemmings – Joe to his mates of the time, and nicknamed ‘Josh’  Hi guys – I’ll do my best to remember this all accurately but I’m now 73…

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Gallery: Pictures from Ralph Swift’s album

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Flying on 527 Squadron – Early 1950’s by Ralph Swift

All Material on this page is Copyright © Ralph Swift 2003  It is probably true to say that the jet aircraft design of the early 1950’s was still partly rooted…

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Peter Long’s brief history of Watton – 1953

In January, two English Electric Canberra BMk2 aircraft arrived at Watton and went straight to the Special Radio Installation Flight (SRIF) to be fitted for their sigint gathering task with…

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