The year 1957

Review Of The Year – 1957
Vulcans In Service

A little music from the time . . .

Jailhouse Rock Elvis Presley
Diana Paul Anka
Butterfly – Andy Williams


192 Squadron Washingtons by Dave Forster 

WZ966 on the ground at RAF Watton

192 Squadron acquired three RB-29As as replacements for its three Lincolns in the first half of 1952. The first two aircraft (WZ966, WZ967) arrived at Watton in April and were joined by the third (WZ968) in June. Work then got underway at the CSE to develop an Elint fit for the aircraft. The modifications, carried out by the CSE, involved the removal of all gun turrets and bombing equipment; fairing over of the rear observation blisters; the conversion of the […]

A Typical Day in the Life of a “DEV B” SAC at Watton 1957 – 1959 

A Typical Day in the Life of a “DEV B” SAC at Watton 1957 – 1959 

5043999 SAC Cox – Geoff to his friends! Our barrack block was on the airfield side of the camp, very close to No.2 hangar and it meant you had to be up pretty early if you were to venture the ½ mile across the square, past the guardhouse and across the main Norwich Road to have some breakfast at the cookhouse. More often than not it was a wash and a cigarette before being picked up by the “Garry” for the […]

Peter Long’s brief history of Watton – 1957

Development Squadron started the year with an unusual task. In February three of their Lincolns detached to RNAS Culdrose to take part in ‘Search and Rescue trials’ conducted by the Royal Navy. On the 29th March the Station’s .22 Rifle team won the News of the World Team Competition Challenge Cup for .22 rifles following the elimination of 800 competing teams. In April 192 Squadron’s first de Havilland Comet C2 XK663 arrived at Special Radio Installations Flight, in 3 Hangar […]