The year 1959

Review Of The Year 1959
Comets For BEA

A little music from the time . . .

Mack the Knife Bobby Darin
The Battle of New Orleans Johnny Horton
He’ll Have to Go Jim Reeves


A Typical Day in the Life of a “DEV B” SAC at Watton 1957 – 1959 

A Typical Day in the Life of a “DEV B” SAC at Watton 1957 – 1959 

5043999 SAC Cox – Geoff to his friends! Our barrack block was on the airfield side of the camp, very close to No.2 hangar and it meant you had to be up pretty early if you were to venture the ½ mile across the square, past the guardhouse and across the main Norwich Road to have some breakfast at the cookhouse. More often than not it was a wash and a cigarette before being picked up by the “Garry” for the […]

RAF Watton – Where’s that? Peter Clarke (SAC 4248168) Remembers his time in Air Trafic at Watton 

That was the question asked by myself and 3 or 4 other ‘erks’ after passing our trade training at RAF Shawbury. We were all destined for Air Traffic Control at RAF Watton. The answer we got was ‘Oh, I don’t know – I think it is somewhere near Leighton Buzzard’. Road maps were consulted which yielded nothing. Then we turned to the various publications produced by our masters, the RAF. Ah! Ah! It is in Norfolk. The year was 1959, […]

Peter Long’s brief history of Watton – 1959

The Surface to Air Guided Weapons (SAGW) Wing Headquarters, to be known forever after by those not closely involved as ‘The Radar Site’ was completed and taken over by No 24 SAGW Wing in April. 24 Wing was a Fighter Command unit belonging to 12 Group and would be responsible for the control of three new operating squadrons, No’s 242, (Marham), 266 (Rattlesden) and 263 (Watton) Surface to Air Missile Squadrons. These squadrons, not yet operational, would be equipped with […]