The year 1960

Review Of 1960
Norfolk – Rocket For R.A.F.

A little music from the time . . .

Are You Lonesome Tonight – Elvis Presley
Percy Faith & His Orchestra – A summer place
Mr. Custer Larry Verne


24 (Guided Missile) Wing R.A.F. Watton Jim Forbes remembers his time at Watton 

Sometime in September or October 1960, this J/T Armourer was posted from 25 Sqn at Waterbeach, to Watton. Reporting to SHQ, I was informed that I was to be attached to H.Q. 24 (G.M.) Wing. The wing consisted of the H.Q. and 263 Sqn at Watton, 242 Sqn based at Marham, and 266 Sqn at Rattlesden, but were billeted at Wattisham, (I think). All with Bristol Bloodhound I. The H.Q. was a bit further down the road towards the village. […]

Dear Diary, November 1960 – Arrived! by Norm de Plume

Norm de Plume remembers his arrival at Watton  I don’t suppose that my arrival in Watton, seated upon my old faithful BSA 350 B31 motorbike on that November day in 1960 has been remembered with any significance by anyone other than myself, but here I finally was, cold damp and hungry! Having stopped in the High Street, which by the way had alternate days parking in operation at that time (Which ran well into the 70’s, and did a far […]

Peter Long’s brief history of Watton – 1960

As well as the ongoing schedule of exercises large and small, Development Squadron was becoming more involved with exercises against various Surface to Air Guided Weapons (SAGW) sites. The SAGW units were testing their radars for proof against jamming and providing their operators with the opportunity to work in an ECM environment. By October Dev Squadron’s Canberra force had increased to three aircraft, but a fatigue life of 1700 hours was imposed on the squadron’s Lincolns effectively reducing the Lincoln […]