The year 1969

The International Motorcycle Show
Coastal Command Merges

A little music from the time . . .

Sugar Sugar – The Archies
Rolling Stones-Honky Tonk Woman
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising


Peter Long’s brief history of Watton – 1969

On the 1st January, RAF Signals Command was absorbed into RAF Strike Command and reverted to its old status as 90 (Signals) Group. Thus the Signals Command Air Radio Laboratory (SCARL) would become Signals Air Radio Laboratory (SARL). The IRIS Hastings IRIS III made its last flight from Watton in January, flying Pershore before flying on to Carlisle for disposal. Pending the move away from Watton, changes were occurring. Groundcrew from Jet Line and Piston Line were allocated to the […]