Picture: The Flying Fish

The Flying Fish - a popular watering place for all RAF personnel

The Flying Fish – a popular watering place for all RAF personnel


  • I served at Watton from March 1971 to July 1972 and frequented the Fish 2 or 3 nights a week. I think the landlord was named Doug, a small rotund guy, very friendly and accommodating. I worked in the Commcen/PBX, mainly serving Eastern Radar and at that time Honington Admin Wing. Any guys reading this from this period I would appreciate a comment.
    Ray Bailey

  • Hi Guy’s we are the new Managers of the Flying Fish and we would love to do some sort of commemoration in honour of the all the service personnel who were stationed here or who may have visited the Pub. We would love to restore part of the original Bar to its former glory to preserve and the pass on the History to younger generations.
    So Any one with any other pictures or stories or any Info at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all and kind regards Jason & Jo

    • Dear Jason & Jo

      Although RAF Watton is no more their are still serving RAF Families living in the old officers married quarters, we are one of them.
      We love history and were very impressed to see you posting on this forum, your ideas about restoring the “Flying Fish” bar to its wartime beginnings is an exciting thought.
      We will definitely pop in for a pint
      Regards John

  • Julian, the Fish is still there and with the same name, not a lot has changed on the front of the building

  • Lovely to see a photograph of The “Effing” Fish. In 1962/3 I was second projectionist (and occasionally sole projectionist) to Cpl Geoff Jones, both of us from B Flight, 263 Squadron, at the Astra Cinema. After the evening’s performance was over we would usually walk down the “Fish” to recover from our “efforts”, courtesy of Cliff, the Landlord, and his wife, Dorothy. On later occasions, when driving in Norfolk, I would still contrive to pay a visit.

  • Hi Ivan – worth posting this on the ‘I Was Here!’ page which I have just put on the menu in a clearer position.

  • I was stationed at RAF Watton 1949-1950 as a DMT
    Are there any guys still around from that time like FT LT Moore my CO

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