Video: A look round RAF Watton 2003

In 2003 local man Frank Hurrell filmed around the camp a little before it was finally sold off and the final chapter of its life was played out. It is presented here exactly as Frank edited it and is a record of a sad end to the life of a wonderful station.

We are grateful to Frank’s widow for allowing us to include the video here.


  • Is the memorial and the propellor still there or sis that all get moved by the developers when building the site?

    • The Memorials were moved by the developers from the site in front of the Officers’ Mess (or remains of!) to the entrance of Blenheim Grange, and they are within a few feet of where they were originally placed, the 25th BG stone Memorial in the 1970’s and the Propeller in 1990.
      The residents of the estate have done a brilliant job of looking after them and keeping an eye on them, but they do still attract drinkers on a summer evening, which is a pity as they do leave a mess.
      However it is felt that only the removal of the seats will change that and that is not wanted by anyone.
      I understand there is a plan to build a community centre further into Blenheim Grange and it has been suggested that the memorials be moved there. Though that is nothing more than a suggestion at the moment, personally I think that is a good idea.
      Not everyone agrees however.

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